Nip Boiler Problems In The Bud This Winter

By now you’re likely to be preparing your home for winter – and, as ever, your boiler will be a key player in everything going smoothly. However, it can’t work alone – you need to give it help to run safely and efficiently year after year.

For this reason, leading home improvement and repair blog DIY Newbie has put together a guide to keeping your boiler in good shape throughout the year, preparing for the cost of any repairs, maintenance, or servicing using boiler insurance.

Before The Winter

Although it may not seem like an obvious thing to do, you need to run your heating regularly through the summer. This ensures that everything is running smoothly and you can fix anything there and then rather than finding out when you need heat the most in the winter. Running your heating overnight, when the temperature drops, could be the best bet. Boilers left dormant for long periods of the year can be more likely to develop problems further down the line. If you’re going on holiday for a few weeks, don’t forget to set the heating to come on at regular intervals.

An Annual Boiler Service

It’s highly recommended that you get your boiler serviced at least once a year, not only to ensure it’s running efficiently but also for safety purposes.

However, this check can’t be carried out by anyone you can find by thumbing the telephone directories – it needs the skill and expertise of an engineer on the Gas Safe Register. During the check-up, the engineer will be able to fix problems, suggest improvements to boost efficiency, and even recommend that your boiler is shut down and replaced.

Ongoing Maintenance

Once you’ve had a gas safety check, that’s not the signal to rest on your laurels. It’s important to keep an eye out for any problems that can occur throughout the winter. For example, breakdowns usually soar during the first cold week of the season when demand for gas rises suddenly.

A boiler cover can be used to help you deal with the cost of this type of work. With this type of insurance in place, you’ll be able to call on a fully qualified engineer whenever your home’s hit by a boiler problem. And, where there’s no excess to pay, the repair could end up costing you nothing. For this reason, boiler insurance can end up giving people much-needed peace of mind, something we could all do with our finances at the moment with the cost of living continuing to rise.